Indigo Lights Jewelry
Indigo Lights Jewelry

by Sheri Cohen

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Indigo Lights creates a large range of unique art jewelry. Though Sheri uses silver, dichroic glass, exotic beads, fossils, faceted stones and found artifacts, her jewelry is more wearable art then what one would think of as traditional jewelry designs. When looking at her necklaces and rings, they sometimes resemble treasure, found from some ancient cache of an Egyptian princess or Celtic king. Introducing ancient motifs gives a truly unusual look and feel to her work.

- Alchemical materials

- Intimate art form

- Treasure hunting

- Symbols and meanings

- Connecting the universal archetypes

These elements represent the main focus of what Sheri strives to create in her art. Though she uses the traditional materials of gold, silver, glass, stones and beads, these are only the raw components on her journey to create jewelry as an art form that resonates with our audience on a deeply emotional level.

Indigo Lights Abstract Modern Art
Indigo Lights Abstract Art

by Brian Giberson

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Brian has always been drawn to the color and motion that abstract art provides. As an artist, he finds metal art, and contemporary art, showcase his use of acrylic paints, metals, and patinas in a way that allows his imagination to express itself fully.

Brian uses strong, bold and richly colored acrylic paint in his paintings. His original artwork features a variety of unusual materials such as hammered copper, old paper currency, vintage kimono fabric, distressed metal , found objects and sand. Anything that captures his interest is considered.

In his collage art, he creates multiple layers of visual interest in each original piece, that invites the viewer to question what is revealed vs. what is concealed. One layer may be a harmonious thematic blending while another may be a juxtaposed color and texture counter point. Every time you add something new, the relationships of existing elements echo and respond back. It’s a art in the moment. Art to reflect on. Art to dream on.

Brian showcases his work in art shows, art festivals and galleries throughout the west.

Indigo Lights Jewelry and Indigo Lights Modern Art
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